Pundits are still talking about the poll results from Nov. 6, and will do so for months to come. Numbers and ideas have been thrown around. What if………?  One lesson learned was “Communication”, or lack thereof.

Obama’s marketing campaign was targeted to all but specifically the “M”inority communities, women and the middle class. The M Word. President Obama received 71% of the Latino votes and 74% of the Asian votes. Their campaign was effectively marketed specifically to 2 “M”inorities and the “M”iddle class.

In the future, for any corporation, non-profit or political person/party to sell their product or ideas, it is imperative for them to effectively target and market to the appropriate demographics. ATLAS provides the link and process to brand the product and ideas in the right format. ATLAS’ team follows a proven marketing strategy to target the general population but specifically the “M”inority communities of the country. The M Word has come to the US and ATLAS is the source for “M”inority “M”arketing.