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Inbound Services

Enhance customer satisfaction through our customer care representatives.

  • Customer Care (English & Spanish)
  • Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Surveys
  • Technical Support

Customer Care (English & Spanish)

Build and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction from professional, responsive and personable assistance by our customer care representatives.


Increase revenues by driving inquiries from print, direct mail, radio, television or online advertising to our inbound sales representatives extensively trained to cross-sell and up-sell. A stronger relationship is established with existing customers through product updates.

Technical Support

We provide help-desk services and after-sales support for your technology products such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, or other electronics.

Customer Retention

Retain market share by allowing us to take cancellation calls from your existing customers. (Winback/Retention program – we will review and analyze your customers’ behavior and provide programs that will make them stay with you and never think of leaving again. (Most promos are geared toward getting new clients. One major pitfall companies commit is not having a program that will keep existing clients loyal) – refer a friend program, special discounts, circles, and clubs for existing customers.)


We provide professional and honest surveys that consistently deliver fair and unbiased results. Additionally, we provide reports and analytics – the best time to call leads, decision maker’s office staff structure (screeners, office assistants, secretaries), effective ways to reach the market.

Outbound Services

Increase your customer satisfaction through our customer care representatives.

  • Customer Care (English & Spanish)
  • Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Surveys
  • Technical Support


Lower your acquisition cost and increase revenue by supplementing field sales and online marketing with Atlas’s telesales force.

Direct Sales

We will call your business or consumer prospects and sell them your product or service.


Sales recovery. We will save those customers you can’t afford to lose. In addition to generating sales for you, we will gather and provide you with timely and invaluable feedback directly from your target market that you may consider when evaluating and designing your product and marketing strategies. You will have access to data about competitors’ offers, customer needs, customer purchases, and customer complaints.

Market Research – Data Collection

We have the capability and systems necessary to run your telephone research requirements. We will provide you with professional and honest surveys that will consistently deliver fair and unbiased results. Our predictive dialler interacts with web-hosted CATI systems providing efficient data collection that may be customized to suit your needs.

Follow-up Call

This is an often neglected but important part of building customer satisfaction and loyalty. After a sale is made, the customer needs a telephone call to help develop a warm and good relationship. This is sometimes also called a “welcome call.”

Publications Surveys

We provide in er i en class qualification and re-qualification using long-form and short-form surveys that are BPA compliant. Reports are customized according to your standards and submitted periodically or as required.

List Qualification

Working with your existing list, we will contact every lead quickly and inexpensively to qualify the prospects and leverage the time of your sales team of closers. We can also provide extensive details with those qualified leads to prepare your sales representatives to have a productive first contact.

Hot Transfers

Maximize highly specialized and valuable manpower. Our sales representatives will only transfer qualified and interested individuals directly to your internal sales team, who are more experienced with closing the deal.

Appointment Setting

Our representatives will do the tedious task of calling your leads and set qualified appointments that are convenient for your customer and your sales.

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