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Why Use WordPress for Your Business Site

W3 Techs, a web technology survey firm, reports that WordPress is being used by 60% of all websites employing a content management systems (CMS). This comes as no surprise, because many individuals run the popular platform for their blogs. But did you know that WordPress is also great for business websites?

Most business owners know they need a website but they haven’t had the time or money to make it happen, or they have one but find difficulty in updating it. With WordPress, you can save much of your resources and won’t even need technical know-how to start a website. You can also make your existing one more professional-looking with the help of some WordPress tutorials.

Endless WordPress tutorials and resources

WordPress on its own is already very easy-to-use. Creating a new page or post, uploading images, and adding forms are so simple that, even without any background in HTML or CSS, any website owner won’t feel intimidated.

At the same time, there are loads of WordPress resources available at your fingertips. From figuring out the WordPress login to installing plugins, the tutorials available for setting up, using, and customizing WordPress are limitless.

There are also thousands of beautiful, free WordPress themes available. These themes allow you to have a professionally designed website without the pain or expense of hiring a professional web designer. There are over two thousand free themes available in the official WordPress Theme Directory. You might even want to check out the commercial ones at StudioPress.

Ability to scale and customize your website

WordPress is a platform that can help you manage your site — even if you eventually end up creating thousands of web pages or putting up hundreds of products. Moreover, if you need to add new features, chances are a plugin has already made for that feature. 

WordPress was designed to be extended and that’s exactly what programmers around the world have done. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that add functionality to the core system. Plus, WordPress designers often provide users with customizable sections on their themes.

Moreover, if you need to go beyond the options your theme can give you, Atlas can help you customize your WordPress site. We can help you develop custom database solutions to e-commerce functionalities — anything that your website will ever need. We will even provide you with the necessary WordPress tutorials and trainings.

WordPress has jumped from being a blogging system to being a full-fledged content management system capable of meeting any requirement from businesses today. In fact, popular brands, such as The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Facebook Newsroom, InStyle, Tech Crunch, and BBC America all use WordPress as their main platform.

What are you waiting for? Get your business website started on WordPress today, or have Atlas do all the work for you.