solar light outreachRumy Mohta, CEO of Atlas Branding and Communication and Principal Director of Thrive Solar Energy Philippines (TSEP), spearheads the donation of solar lights to Gawad Kalinga (GK) villages in Bulaklakan and Payatas, Philippines last August 2, 2014. More than 100 families from both GK villages benefited from the solar lights contributions made by TSEP.

Gawad-KalingaGawad Kalinga, which literally means “give care” in Filipino, is a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation-building movement. They are known in the country for putting up communities with homes for the poor, as well other communal facilities, including multiple purpose centers, school buildings, and clinics, that are built through a combination of skilled paid labor and sweat equity of the GK village residents themselves.

From left to right: Sohrab Kakalia, Jose Ma. "Kuya Boy" Montelibano, Rumy Mohta and Mark Caringal

From left to right: Sohrab Kakalia, Jose Ma. “Kuya Boy” Montelibano, Rumy Mohta and Mark Caringal

Mr. Mohta met with GK Head of Special Projects and good friend, Jose Ma. “Boy” Montelibano, in June and had an ocular visit at GK facilities in Quezon City. Upon his return to the country in July, he led the TSEP team and worked with Mr. Montelibano as well as GK Social Enterprise and Coordinator, Raul Dizon, to identify which sites are in most need of a renewable light energy source.

Gawad Kalinga - Bulaklakan Village

Gawad Kalinga – Bulaklakan Village

Bulaklakan and Payatas were eventually selected upon, and TSEP arranged for a solar lights donation activity, with the goal of helping each household in the villages to reduce their electricity consumption and expenditure by replacing the non-renewable light source with solar lights.

Gawad Kalinga - Payatas Village

Gawad Kalinga – Payatas Village

The solar lights donation project is the first of many partnerships that TSEP and GK will be working on to address the needs of indigent Filipinos and, ultimately, assist in the alleviation of poverty in the Philippines. The two organizations seek to provide sustainable job opportunities to companies and individuals who would like to partake in this endeavor as localized distributors or retailers, all over the Philippine Islands.

Thrive Solar Energy is a leading manufacturer of solid state, LED-based lighting systems and solar power packs that started in 2005. Thrive Solar Energy Philippines also has plans to reach out to various socially-responsible corporations, and government agencies.

To find out more, visit the official Thrive Solar Energy Philippines website or Facebook Page.